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Splintered Sunlight at Garcia’s (8-6-14) : Money For Gasoline

Splintered Sunlight doing Money For Gasoline at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre in #PortChester, #NY (8-6-14) - Gerrit Graham’s #rock #rockandroll #music #song about Frankie and Johnny (& also called #FrankieAndJohnny, Frankie & Jonnie, &/or #SpinTheWheel) that was picked up by RatDog #RatDog & has been covered by Furthur #Furthur about the exigencies of unbridled #passion of indigent #outcasts & its incompatibility with the rest of “normal” #society with its #court #courts & #law #laws, here brought to life by these #Philadelphia #Pennsylvania-based #musicians, this archetypal Grateful Dead #coverband at this quintessential #JerryGarcia #livemusic museum of a bar called #Garcias inside #TheCapitolTheatre #CapitolTheater in the heart of #WestchesterCounty #NewYork (a half hour north of #NewYorkCity #NYC & right across from the Port Chester Metro North Station) :

(Gerrit Graham in the manner of Bob Weir & RatDog) / Butchy Sochorow (lead guitar & vocals); Dan Leyden (rhythm guitar & vocals); Stephen Spatz (bass & vocals); Jerry Horan (drums); Tony Gioia (drums); & Bill Levinson on keys

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"Money For Gasoline has been performed by Ratdog and Furthur. The song was first performed as an instrumental with the title Spin The Wheel. Early versions with lyrics were reportedly given the title, Frankie and Jonnie, on band setlists."

"A Ratdog song first played with lyrics on 8 April 2006, (though an instrumental version had been played the previous year, under the title "Spin The Wheel"). Both the title and the lyrics seem to have been through various changes. "Money For Gasoline" is now the official title, though "Frankie and Jonnie" was the title on the band’s setlist for the early versions (with that spelling, rather than the more normal "Frankie and Johnny.")

The lyrics are still changing - thanks to Ben Anderson for his help”

Shireworks Presents Dopapod at The Big Up 2011

#Video of Dopapod at The Big Up 2011 - raw #alternative #rock #rockandroll #bluesrock #jazz #jazzfusion #funk #funkrock #psychedelic #psychedelica #electronica #music from this #NewYorkCity #NYC-based #jamband at this epic #musicfestival of #musicfestivals #festivals in the #MidHudson region of #NewYork #NY - #Dopapod your mind today & realize what you’ve been missing!

Eli Winderman - keys; Neal “Fro” Evans - drums; Rob Compa - guitar; Chuck Jones - bass; Luke Stratton - sound & lights

Dopapod exists at the crossroads of full throttle intensity, deep pocket groove, intricate technicality, and limitless experimentation. With no regard towards towards stylistic boundaries, the sound that emerges from the quartet both live and in the studio is as varied and diverse as the many influences that they adapt from. Their approach and commitment to complementing a distinct genre bending sound to top-notch musicianship has set them apart from many of their contemporaries and keeps music lovers eagerly returning to shows.

In the past two years, Dopapod has firmly planted seeds in music fan’s ears all up and down the East Coast and into the Midwest with their incessant touring schedule. Covering all this ground has seen the young, yet seasoned group make appearances at numerous festivals including Camp Bisco, Mountain Jam, Bonnaroo, Burning Man, Bear Creek, The Big Up, Rootwire, Strangecreek, and more. Their electric live showcase has been cultivating a fast growing, loyal fan base, and seen them share bills with artists such as Lotus, EOTO, John Medeski & Billy Martin, Papadosio, Zach Deputy, Brothers Past, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Spam Allstars, Sam Kininger (Lettuce, Soulive), and Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer).

Dopapod’s latest release, I Saw Live Dopapod, Evil Was I, is a candid representation of choice cuts from the first half of 2011. Recorded and mixed from multi track recordings, the album showcases the band at their very finest. From explosive disco jazz funk tracks like ‘Indian Grits’ and ‘Off the Cuff’ to wompy progstep rockers such as ‘French Bowling’ and ‘Freight Train’, the quartet’s compositional and improvisational splendor has been captured and put on display to offer a peak into the brainwork of their entrancing live experience. The crown jewel of the collection might be “Dazed and Confused” — an arrangement that shows the group’s simultaneous mastery at both synth-bass womp drops and guitar scorched classic rock wailing. Each track was carefully select, mixed, and mastered to showcase the full Dopapod gamut: new and old, premeditated and spontaneous, light and dark.

While the distant future reads plots for world domination, the near future will see Dopapod continuing to develop their craft both on the road and in the studio. With a heavy touring regimen in place to continue scouring the country, Drawn Onward, the second studio release, will be dropping at the blink of an eye, offering fresh takes on live favorites. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the sonic whirlwind that will be coming to venues and stereos near you!

General Manager : Jason Gibbs -

Press Contact : Cali Lacey -

Booking Agent : Tom Baggott -


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Strung Like a Horse \ GLAD from Mammal Factory on Vimeo.

A short musical horror written, directed and edited by Clay Maselle and Tomás Donoso.

GLAD performed by Strung Like a Horse (Clay Maselle, BJ Hightower, Ben Crawford, Slothimus Prime, Mark the Fiddler).

Director of Photography: Tomás Donoso
Sound Design: Charles Allison, Clay Maselle, Tomás Donoso
Lighting Tech: Mickey Reid
Prosthetics: Matt Dutton
Make-Up: Jill Clark, Strat Parrott
Still Photography: Allie Clarke
Second Unit Camera: Tim Cofield, David Ruiz, (Chuck) Davis
Sound Mixer: Mark Langston
AE/Graphics: Tomás Donoso
Poster Illustrations: Dan Yagmin Jr.


Ivan Garcia
Bexy Ribeiro
Lacy Jo
Christine Bordeaux
Dustin French
Cory French
Beejay Bilbrey


Jeff Styles
Ada Barnes
DJ Muddy Water
Steve Matherly
Chris Sierzant
Michael Tucker
Kyle Vaughn
Chris Cardillo
Paulina Cassidy
Joey Ervin
Brent Humphreys
Justin Time
Jessica Harris
TJ Greever
Joye Duncan
David Ruiz
Sherry Huff
Krysten Pound
Brandon Smith
Walter Lee

Production Assistants:

McCracken Poston
Courtney Humphreys
Karen Brown
Kevin Hon
Sherry Huff
Sharon Kendrick
Lacy Jo

Special Thanks:

Josh Lowell
Jennifer Crutchfield

Opening Song: “Everybody Hopes Your Mine” by Stuffy and his Frozen Parachute Band covered by Strung Like a Horse.

Jefferson Berry & The UAC at The Front Porch (9-26-14) : In Too Deep

Jefferson Berry - vox/acoustic guitar; Bud Burroughs - keys/mandolin/vox; Dave Brown - electric guitar/banjo; Irene Lambrou - vox; Chip Desnoyers - pedal steel/humor; Dean McNulty - bass; David Rapoport - drums

From the drunk on the town to the cop on the take, The Urban Acoustic Coalition tells tales of modern living in a unique folk style.

There’s an interesting tale in the songs of Jefferson Berry. These songs are performed by a cadre of unique players: The Urban Acoustic Coalition. The band is anchored by the virtuosity of Dave Brown. Dave and Jefferson first got together playing benefits for Hurricane Katrina victims. Brown plays a Stratocaster, dobro, banjo, mandolin and Fender bass as needed. Produced with the Emmy award winning Rodney Whittenberg, The UAC EP is a five song release that features a dozen players including long-time collaborators Bud Burroughs (Boris Garcia, Hippies & Hillbillies), Billy Hyatt (Don Evans, The Berrys) and Ron Ward (Johnny’s Dance Band, Hippies and Hillbillies). Both live and in the studio, remarkable performances have been contributed by Chris Henderson, Keisha Slaughter and David Rapoport.

The songs of Jefferson Berry reached new heights last summer with his band’s performance at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Produced with vocalist/daughter Briana Berry, The Berrys debut album Fairmount Station was released last fall and received play across the country on the Americana charts.

Producer of Urban Acoustic in 1999 and founder of Hippies and Hillbillies in 2004, Jefferson Berry plays in a wide variety of guitar styles. As a published historian, JB brings a perspective that is progressive and accessible. Jefferson’s latest project, the Urban Acoustic Coalition, brings this danceable style and contemporary point of view to a unique wing of the Americana/Folk Rock scene.


As the name says, it’s a coalition - all of the members of the group are famous for playing with other incredible bands. Bud & Chip are part of Boris Garcia:

Bud is also in Hippies & Hillbillies with Jefferson:

Their Drumless Americana CD may be found here:

Chip plays with Commander Cody:

Dave Brown plays in Psych-A-Billy:

Irene sings for Medea:

Dave Rapoport play drums for 36°30’

And Dean plays bass for The DM Experience.


This concert was part of a house concert series in Central New Jersey. The facebook event is preserved here:

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Workers on the Rise from Justine Garcia on Vimeo.

To learn more about the Arizona Worker Rights Center, please visit:

Workers on the Rise (Full Version, 25:39)

Through interviews and documentary footage Workers on the Rise follows the history and work of the Arizona Worker Rights Center, a local non-profit organization that tracks labor rights violations, challenges abusive employers, promotes worker friendly legislation and develops worker leadership and community in Phoenix.

Por medio de entrevistas y grabaciones Workers on the Rise (Trabajadores en La Lucha) sigue la historia y trabajo del Centro de Derechos Laborales de Arizona, una organización sin fines de lucro que documenta violaciones de derechos laborales, enfrenta empleadores abusivos, promueve legislación a favor de los trabajadores, y desarolla liderazgo y comunidad en Phoenix.

Splintered Sunlight at Garcia’s (8-6-14) : Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

Splintered Sunlight doing The Grateful Dead’s version of Bob Dylan’s Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre (8-6-14) - that classic #moralitytale about the #prodigalson on his #Bohemian #lifestyle journey into the depths of #hell & his sordid return to the #NewYorkCity of his youth, describing a #nightmare vision of the narrator’s experience in Juarez, Mexico, in which he encounters #sickness, #despair, #prostitutes, #saints, shady #women, corrupt authorities, #alcohol and #drugs, before finally deciding to return to #NewYork, incorporating literary references to Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Jack Kerouac’s Desolation Angels, while the song’s title references Arthur Rimbaud’s My Bohemian Life (Fantasy); all wrapped up in a jamming #rock #rockandroll #blues #bluesrock #Americana #alternative #indie #groove #fusion #song by one of the greatest #singersongwriters on Earth & covered & re-covered by some of the greatest #musicians on Earth at this virtual #JerryGarcia museum in the heart of Westchester County :

Richard Ray Farrell at The Front Porch (11-4-11) : Leisure Man

Richard Ray Farrell doing Leisure Man at The Front Porch of Camp Marshall in Robbinsville, #NJ (11-4-11) - raw #acoustic #Americana #indie #alternative #blues #bluesrock #countryblues #folk #folkrock #funk #rhythmandblues #RandB #soul #swing #fusion #music by this most accomplished of #Pennsylvania #musicians & his #musicography paying off at this #houseconcert of #houseconcerts in the heart of #CentralJersey #NewJersey :

This November, #Coloradans will vote on something called Amendment 67, aka “Personhood.” If the election were held today, some polls show it would pass.

#Amendment67 is what’s also known as “Personhood”. #Personhood , if you’ve never heard of it before, is the movement to give fertilized eggs all the same rights as people — two cells would have the same rights as you or your best friend. The group behind this movement, #PersonhoodUSA , is based right here in #Denver . Every couple of years they try and write their fertilized egg = person ideas into my #Constitution. The last couple of times most Coloradans have voted “NO” on these amendments and they’ve failed. But this year things are different.

This year, the Personhood USA folks are more deceptive. They’ve disguised “personhood” as something else. This year, they say they simply want to “protect #pregnantwomen.” Which is why when people read the language on their ballots, they think it sounds like a good idea. But it’s not.

Here’s what Amendment 67 would really do:

Outlaw all #abortion in #Colorado , even in cases of #rape and #incest.

Ban some of the most common and effective forms of #birthcontrol, including #thePill and #IUDs.

Make it illegal for a #pregnantwoman with #cancer to choose treatment that could save her life.

Restrict options for women wanting #invitro #invitrofertilization.

Any birth that isn’t a live-birth — so #miscarriages and #stillbirths — could be deemed suspicious #deaths and would be investigated by #police.

If Amendment 67 were to pass, Colorado’s 2.6 million women would face the harshest restrictions on their rights anywhere in the country. I’m afraid this could happen. Because no one is really talking much about Amendment 67, either here in Colorado or anywhere else in the country. I don’t understand why not. If “personhood” could pass here, it could pass anywhere.

So America, I’m asking for a little help. Help to get the word out about “personhood” and the terrifying attacks on women’s rights happening right here in Colorado. Truth is, I really need your help.

Here’s what you can do:

Help Defeat Colorado’s Amendment 67, the Ban on All Abortion
Go here and learn more. Maybe give a couple bucks to help stop Colorado’s Amendment 67. Then share the link of that page with everyone you know.

That would mean a lot to me. I’ll be sure to repay the favor and invite you out in a couple months for some great skiing and beautiful scenery and amazing weed. Hey, it’s the least I can do.

Excerpt from a letter to #America from Colorado by #JenCaltrider of #ProgressNow #ProgressNowColorado